Trolling isn’t something I really have to explain to you, if you’re even slightly internet-savvy then you already know. In the most extreme cases it’s even made mainstream news, such as when it has led to the suicide of the person on the receiving end of trolling – or let’s call it what it […]

Bush has been making the headlines this past week – and no George Dubya isn’t attempting to darken our doorways once more – I’m talking about a different irritating cunt: a hairy va-jay-jay. American Apparel’s oh-so-subtle publicity stunt has caused outrage, amusement, disgust and applause at the au naturale look. It’s sparked a debate on whether this […]

You’ve just read the title and your cursor is hovering over the little x. “Oh Christ,” you sigh, “another preachy hypocritical wanker telling me how to live my life.” I promise I will try my best not to preach at you. I know how annoying it is when a vegetarian tries to shame you for […]

My partner has recently made the move into not just a new job, but a whole new career path and has moved to the big smoke of London. It’s sad enough that after living together for a year and a half we have to go back to the dreaded long distance relationship but now I’ve […]